March 30, 2023

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Downloading MP4s from Imgur

Imgur is an image sharing website that has a vast collection of shared images, GIFs, and videos. Many users post MP4 files for others to enjoy, so although Imgur isn’t primarily focused on videos, you can still find a lot of them on the site. If you want to download one of these videos from Imgur, the process is relatively simple, but there are a couple of different methods available. In this article we’ll go through how to download MP4s from Imgur using both the basic method without any special software and a more complex way that involves downloading a third-party program.

Basic Method – Downloading Directly

The simplest way to download an MP4 file from Imgur is to just right-click on the video file itself and select “Save Link As”. This will save it to your computer as an MP4 file in the same way that you’d save any other kind of file from the internet. You can then play it back with your preferred media player.

Note that this will only work if the video is properly labeled as an MP4 on Imgur. If it’s been uploaded as something else, like an AVI, for example, you won’t be able to save it with the right-click method.

Advanced Method – Using a Downloader

If you’re looking for a way to download multiple MP4s from Imgur quickly, or if the file you’re trying to download isn’t properly labeled as an MP4, your best bet is to use a specialized downloader. There are a number of programs available for free that will allow you to download any type of file from Imgur directly to your computer with just a few clicks.

Most of these programs require you to enter the URL of the MP4 you want to download before the download starts. They also generally have additional features such as the ability to download whole galleries in one go, extract audio from the videos, or even watch them back in the program itself.


Although Imgur isn’t focused primarily on videos, it still has a substantial library of MP4s, some of which may be hard to find elsewhere. Whether you want to save a single video or multiple files in bulk, the two methods described in this article should make it easy to do so.

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