March 30, 2023

linkedln mp4 download

<h1>How to Download an MP4 from LinkedIn </h1>

<p>LinkedIn is a popular platform used for professional networking and job hunting, but did you know it also can be used for downloading videos in MP4 – the most popular format for videos? Downloading an MP4 video from your LinkedIn profile can be useful for educational purposes, presentations, or even simply for personal use. Here’s an easy guide on how to do so. </p>

<h2> Step 1: Find the Video You Want to Download </h2>
<p>First, find the video you wish to download on your LinkedIn profile page. Videos can be found on individual profiles, company pages, and in status updates. Look through all of your messages, posts, and profile section to find the exact link of the video you want to download. </p>

<h3> Step 2: Look for the “Download This Video” Option </h3>
<p>Once you have found the link for the video, look for the “Download this Video” option on the preview screen. Usually next to the “View” button, which you will see when you click on the video you want to download. </p>

<h4> Step 3: Save to MP4 Format </h4>
<p>Once you have located the “Download this Video” option, click on it to start the downloading process. When prompted, save the file in the MP4 format (this is the most popular format for videos, and is often used by many social media sites). Once the file is saved to your computer (or mobile device) in the MP4 format, you can use it however you wish!</p>

<h2>Additional Tips </h2>
<li>You can find the download button under the comments or post on the video – but only if the video is created and uploaded directly to the platform (not for videos shared from YouTube, Vimeo, etc.).</li>
<li>You can download as many videos from LinkedIn as you want, but remember that the file size of these downloaded videos will depend on the original upload quality. So keep in mind that higher-quality files may take up more space.</li>
<li>If you would like to save the video for later, you can also upload it to a cloud storage system and access it there whenever you’d like. </li>

<h2> Wrapping It Up </h2>
<p>Downloading an MP4 video from your LinkedIn profile can be an easy way to access the videos you’ve posted or shared on the platform. With this guide, you should now be able to easily locate and save the MP4 version of a video from your profile, either to your computer or another cloud storage system. </p>

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