March 30, 2023

linkedln video download

For business professionals, and those looking to connect, LinkedIn is the resource many have grown to rely on. Across the platform, people share their opinions, knowledge, and experiences all while building relationships with other industry members, close contacts, and professionals they don’t even know!

One popular way users use to communicate their message or portray their expertise is by sharing videos on LinkedIn. But what if instead of just watching them, you wanted to download a particular video from the platform?

In this article, we’ll discuss exactly how you can do that. Regardless of the device you’re using – be it Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android – we’ll show you the step-by-step to successfully downloading videos from LinkedIn.

1. Sign Up for a Ungrip Account

Before you can securely download videos from LinkedIn, you’ll need to create an Ungrip account. It requires a few pieces of basic information – like your name, email and password – and most people will be able to complete it in less than a minute.

Once you have an account and are signed in, Ungrip will present you with additional features that can help you further. A Premium account provides deeper insights into various video metrics, and allows you to track multiple profiles at once, but you can stick with the free version to seamlessly grab videos from LinkedIn if desired.

2. Enter the Video URL

Once you’re signed up, all that’s left to do is provide Ungrip with the exact URL of the LinkedIn video you’re hoping to download. You can find this URL by right clicking on the video and then selecting ‘Copy Video URL’ from the resulting dropdown menu.

Once pasted, Ungrip will then open the video within its interface; from there, you can easily click the download arrow to save the content directly to your hard drive.

3. Select Your Preferred Format and Quality

After entering your URL and loading the LinkedIn video in the Ungrip interface, you’ll be prompted to select the format and quality of the download. Most people use MP4, but if you’re more comfortable with another option (like MOV) simply select it from the list provided.

You can also choose the video resolution you’d like to save in either low (360p), standard (480p) or high definition (720p). Depending on the starting quality of the video file can dictate which option you’ll be able to download. Ultimately though, you can select the quality that works best for you and perfectly fits your preferences.

Other Ways to Download LinkedIn Videos

Ungrip is one of the most reliable and preferred methods for downloading LinkedIn videos, but there are still other options to consider should it not suit your needs.

The two most common alternatives for Windows users are third-party apps and browser add-ons, both of which are available for free. Similarly, it is also possible to download such files directly from the thumbnail image using services like,, and


Whether you’re hoping to build your own personal portfolio or curate videos to share on other platforms, downloading videos from LinkedIn is surprisingly easy. By signing up for an Ungrip account and entering the right URL, you’ll be able to save a copy of the video to your hard drive in no time.

Alternatively, third-party apps and browser add-ons, as well as direct download services like,, and, are viable solutions – especially for those using Windows devices. All in all, you can now easily keep an offline copy of any LinkedIn video to refer back to at a later date.

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