March 30, 2023

pinterest mp4 download

Pinterest is a must-have platform for anyone who enjoys collecting ideas and images for future use. Millions of users access the app daily in order to find inspiration and to engage with other communities. With its diverse range of topic categories, there is something for everyone. But did you know that you can also download videos from Pinterest? This article will show you how to download MP4 files from Pinterest.

Finding the File to Download on Pinterest

The first step in downloading an MP4 file is to find the file itself. You can search for something of interest from the “Search” function on Pinterest or you can browse through the topics in the main page.

Once you’ve found a video that you would like to download, you may need to click on the thumbnail to access the full post with the video.

Finding the URL for the MP4 File

Once you’ve located the video file, the next step is to find the source URL to the file. To do this, right click on the video and select ‘Inspect element’. Then search for “href” in the “Elements” tab. This will show you the website link to the video.

Using An Online Downloader Tool

Now that you have the URL to the file, you can paste it into an online video downloader tool. There are dozens of such tools out there, some offering premium and some free services. Use a tool that best suits your needs.

Once you enter the URL of the video, the online downloader tool will begin to process the request. After a few moments, the file will be ready for download.

Saving The MP4 File

Before you click on the ‘save’ button, make sure you check the settings of the file. Double check that it is an MP4 format and adjust any audio or video quality settings if desired. Once you’re happy with the settings of the file, click save and the file will begin to download to your device.


As you can see, downloading an MP4 file from Pinterest is relatively straightforward. If you’re looking for the latest music videos, the newest lifestyle videos, or just a place to store inspirational quotes and images, Pinterest has you covered. Take advantage of the countless video options available to you by downloading any one of them to keep around.

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