March 30, 2023

share chat video download

Share Chat is a social media platform that allows users to create, share and discover content from India’s most vibrant communities. It offers users easy access to the latest news, trends, and entertainment in the Indian language of their choice. The platform also allows users to download videos, which can be shared or viewed directly from the app. In this article we’ll discuss how to download Share Chat videos.

Why Download Share Chat Videos?

The biggest reason to download Share Chat videos is to access content from India’s most vibrant communities that may not be readily available on other platforms. Videos shared on Share Chat often feature content focused on music, comedy, culture, and more. By downloading these videos, you are ensuring that you have a personal archive of the best content India has to offer.

How to Download Share Chat Videos

To start the process of downloading a Share Chat video you will first have to open the Share Chat app. Once you have located the video that is relevant to you, simply click the “Download” button located at the bottom right of the picture.

On Android

The download progress for the Share Chat video will then show in the Android notification bar. Once the download is complete, the video will be stored in your device gallery. To view and play the video, you can open the built-in Share Chat Video app or the default video player of your choosing.

On iOS

Tapping on the “Download” button on iOS devices will directly save the video to your camera roll. To watch the Share Chat video, you can open the built-in Share Chat Video app or any other compatible video player.


Share Chat videos are becoming increasingly popular among Indian users, who love the platform’s unique content. To download and manage Share Chat videos on your device, simply open the app and tap the “Download” button found at the bottom-right of the picture. Then, depending on your operating system, either the video will download directly to your camera roll, or you’ll be notified with a progress bar when the video is ready to view. With these simple steps, you can take full advantage of the wide variety of content that Share Chat has to offer.

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