March 30, 2023

ted mp3 download

TED Talks are inspirational, thought-provoking ideas delivered in accessible and captivating formats. They have attracted an impressive range of speakers, including some of the world’s most renowned actors, scientists, and entrepreneurs. But there is no need to miss out on great TED content if you don’t have the time to watch a full video lecture or attend a live event. With this guide, you can easily download free TED Talks MP3s and enjoy them wherever you are.

How to Download MP3s of TED Talks

The simplest way to enjoy TED lectures as MP3s is to use the official website. Every TED Talk has a dedicated page including video, transcript, and audio options for downloading, both for free and for a fee. To access the audio movie, look for the link below the video; it will be marked as an “MP3” file. From there, simply right-click or press-and-hold to download the audio file.

Extracting Audio from TED Video Streams

If you are unable to locate a direct MP3 link, you may also be able to extract audio from a TED video stream. To do this, you will need a program like VLC media player. Install the software and open a TED video URL in the player. Move the slider over the segment of the video you want to keep, then select Tools > Media Information. Under Location, scroll up to find the target GStreamer URI and click the green arrows to the right. A new window will appear giving you the choice to save the media as an MP3 file.

Subscribe to the Official TED Podcast

To stay up to date with the latest TED talks, you might also consider subscribing to their official podcast. The playlist includes roughly 20 podcasts available to stream or download at no cost. They are all organized by topic and feature the highlights of each talk. You should be able to find the podcast within any regular podcast directory.

Alternate Sources for Free TED Talks MP3s

For more focused TED searches and a greater range of downloading options, check audio download sites like YouTube to MP3 Converter and While the former specializes in converting and downloading YouTube media, the latter allows users to search for TED Talks across a variety of sources. Both websites offer MP3 downloads for free, though the quality can vary.

Enjoying Ted Talks on the Go

Finally, there are numerous free apps designed to make enjoying TED talks easier than ever. Whether you’re an Android or iOS user, you will have plenty of choices at your disposal. To start with, you can consult our picks of the best podcasting and streaming apps for Android and iPhone. Many of these apps should give you access to TED talks on the web or allow you to store files for offline listening.


TED talks are a fantastic source of education and entertainment, and downloading your favorite Talks as MP3s is a great way to take them with you anywhere. With the options outlined here, along with a bit of patience and research, you should have no problem finding and downloading free TED Talks MP3s. Enjoy your newfound knowledge!

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