March 30, 2023

tumblr mp3 download

Throughout the internet, downloading audio from social platforms is often a hassle. Not the case with Tumblr, you can relatively easily get your favorite songs and sound clips from the platform. With Tumblr, you can download all kinds of media, but we’ll be focusing on downloading music files as MP3’s in this article. Here’s how to download MP3’s from Tumblr.

Using Downloaders

Downloaders are sites that allow you to rely on an external source to convert the audio files on Tumblr into downloadable MP3 forms. This is probably the most efficient way to get music and sound clips especially, off of social websites. With downloading services, you will usually just paste the Tumblr link into the search engine and it will generate a direct download link for you. You can then pop that link into your downloads folder, or anywhere else in your computer, to store the new MP3 file.

Online Converters

If you’d like to use an online converter, this is probably the better overall option. While the downloaders make it easy to get those audio files from social sites, using an online converter will generally produce higher quality results. After finding an online converter of your choice, add the URL for the audio file you’re looking to expand. There will be many choices as far as the output format, so make sure yours is set to an MP3 for best results. The conversion will take no time at all, and will produce a high-quality MP3 file for you.

Storing Files

Once you’ve got your new MP3 file, you may want to rename it and add the details accordingly. It’s easier to keep track when you can find tracks by artist and song title. Field changing programs like MusicBrainz or Tags may come in handy here. If you don’t mind, you can always just leave the default name as is while still keeping it in its respective folder. Keeping the proper folder organization is key to keep things orderly when searching for specific audio files as you build up your collection. Always remember to back up frequently, in case anything were to happen to your files.


In summary, downloading music from Tumblr is no different than any other popular music streaming site. All you have to do is use one of the two methods discussed above, and you’ll have fantastic, high-quality audio files stored to your device in no time. As long as you follow some basic organization steps, you’ll be able to find any audio file in your collection at any time.

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