March 30, 2023

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Where to Download Videos from Twitter

Do you want to know how to download videos off Twitter? You may want to save some moments or tutorials that you can watch offline. It’s possible, and fairly easy, to download Twitter videos onto your device and save them in MP4 format.

How To Download A Video from Twitter

Twitter doesn’t provide any direct downloading capabilities, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. There are a few different ways to download Twitter videos, so read on to learn more about the process.

Method 1 – Download From Twitter Directly

The first method for downloading Twitter videos is by downloading directly from the post.

To do this:

1. Find the video you wish to download in a tweet post
2. Simply click on the ‘More’ icon in the bottom right corner of the Tweet
3. You should now see a “Download Video” option
4. But, you will only be able to download videos that were uploaded to Twitter

Method 2 – Third Party Apps

If the video you want is not uploaded to Twitter but instead is hosted by a third-party such as YouTube or Vine etc., then you will need an app or website to help you with the download. There are many available; however, we recommend using either Twitter Video Downloader or Download Twitter Videos.

To download using these apps:

1. Navigate to your selected app or website
2. Copy the URL of the tweet containing the video you wish to download
3. Paste the URL into the designated window of the app or website.
4. Follow the instructions given in order to begin the download process

You can also use a Chrome extension such as Tweet2vid to open the tweet and grab the video directly from the source.

Method 3 – Download from unofficial websites

If you do not want to use a third-party app or website then you can make use of websites such as, or These are unofficial websites dedicated to downloading Twitter videos, making it simple and fast.

To use these websites:

1. Navigate to the website of your choice
2. Paste the link of the tweet containing the video
3. Start the download.

Can I Download Video Gifs?

GIFs are particularly popular forms of expression on twitter and many users will be interested in saving them to their device. Unfortunately, this is not as easy as saving videos. However, there are still some measures you can take.

Saving Gifs from Twitter

1. Find the GIF you wish to save in a tweet post
2. Click on the ‘More’ icon in the bottom right corner of the Tweet
3. Select ‘Copy Link To Tweet’
4. Paste this link into
5. Right click on the GIF and select ‘Copy Image Address’
6. Navigate to
7. Select ‘Convert to Gif’
8. Paste the GIF address you have copied
9. Select ‘Download’ and you should now have the GIF saved to your device


Now you know three potential methods that can help you to download MP4 videos including animated GIFs onto your device. The steps you follow will depend upon where (Twitter or a third-party site) the video is stored. Choose the best option for you, or feel free to try out all three and find the best one. Have fun!

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